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Product details of 2 UNITS of BBQ Grill Box Set + Utensils Outdoor Picnic Suitcase Grill Box

How to light a fire

1. the wild fire: first place in charcoal grill inside, then combustibles (such as soft dry plant hay, dry leaves, etc.) on the uppermost layer of charcoal, lighter or matches to directly ignite combustibles. Combustible fire will slowly lit up the charcoal, charcoal, etc. completely red then the placement meshes, you can rest assured barbecue.

2. courtyard fire: the charcoal pyramid shape by laying an oven, with alcohol, kerosene, gasoline, etc. can be a little accelerant poured on charcoal, preferably by the following charcoal pour on, and so charcoal is completely absorbed, begin to prepare ignition , best matches paddled with accelerant poured directly on charcoal, lighter on the need to point the note flammable media like to point charcoal. Do not point directly with a lighter charcoal, charcoal has comburent, easy to burn.


Suitcase grill, suitcase modeling, small size, light weight, easy to carry, oven comes with a spade a fork, convenient and practical

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