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Product details of 3 in 1 Military Marching Outdoor Camping 360 Lensatic Lens Compass This compass is protected by a durable cast metal Rugged Metal Case for easy storage and transport ,easily folds to fit in your pocket Comes with nylon carrying pouch hanging belt loop. Find your way easily through rough terrain or dense fog with line on glass bezel Suitable for most outdoor activities like camping, Hiking, Scouting, Map Reading, Climbing and accurate aiming on determining position and direction Instructions for Lensatic compass: To take a fix: Using the compass hairline, sight on a prominent landmark or feature shown on a map. Read the magnetic bearing from the front of the compass dial For example, assume you are sighting on a lighthouse and the bearing to the lighthouse in 40, Now place the compass on the map so that lighthouse is on wire-line and Ns is parallel to the magnetic north line on the map. Your location is on the dotted line

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